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We offer tailored consulting services to companies, institutions, universities and non-profit organizations seeking to increase their capabilities and maximize their impact and productivity.

Sirvent & Company provides comprehensive management consulting solutions to companies, institutions, universities and non-profit organizations throughout the United States. Our commitment to serving our clients needs extends across nearly every area of business operations, planning, managing and controlling. Everything we do is centered around our clients' unique goals and designed to drive rapidly measurable results.

  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Financial Reporting & Analytics
  • Operational Improvement
  • Training & Productivity
  • Public Policy & Economics
  • Higher Education & Online Learning
  • Institutional Funding

Strategic Management Consulting

Strategic Planning
Sirvent & Company offers business owners unique insights into Strategic Planning, Corporate Strategy, Competitive Intelligence, Growth Planning and Integration Strategy. While all companies must react to shifting customer requirements and market dynamics, leading companies are those that have proactively incorporated fundamental strategic processes to anticipate change and remain ahead of the curve.

Our experience working with successful public corporations and high growth private companies forms the foundation of our approach to developing individually specific financial, operating, and growth strategies for our clients. Whether your business needs to streamline its budget planning process, prepare the production floor for increased throughput, or develop basic strategies for workforce management Sirvent & Company can work with your team to identify simple and actionable plans to move your business forward.
Financial Analytics
Sirvent & Company understands the challenges growing companies face in the area of financial reporting and cost management. We apply a straightforward system of analysis that's tailored to our clients' existing recordkeeping systems, that can identify and highlight significant opportunities to drive margin improvements in any size company.

Our financial analytics consulting services cover operations finance, capital budgeting, ROI analyses and profitability studies to enable business owners to target, track, and transform their business performance based on established financial measures that can be easily and rapidly monitored, understood and addressed. Thousands of companies have accepted the importance of statistical process controls for managing operations, and yet many smaller companies believe that without access to a costly Tier I ERP system it is impossible to apply the same approach to their financial performance.
Operational Improvement
Improving operational efficiency extends beyond Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing systems. Continuous improvement means establishing ongoing assessments of performance in every area of the business, and identifying P&L opportunities that exist beyond the production floor.

Our approach to improvement is grounded in the belief that while perfection is the mark, no member of the organization has achieved it. In business, as in life, there is always one more thing you can do. As a result, Sirvent & Company can work with your team not only to identify waste and inefficiencies, but also to shift the thinking and foundational belief system of your workforce to drive improved quality throughout the organization.
Training & Productivity

Among the most critical areas overlooked by private businesses are the value and opportunities associated with manager and employee development. With labor representing one of the largest operating costs in a business, it only makes sense to expect high competency and productivity from every team member. We've come to learn that although spending more money on employees seems counterintuitive, the payoff for the business and the sense of connection employees experience creates loyalty and leads to tremendous competitive benefits in the longer term.

Leading companies around the world have already recognized that as a result of cultural and generational changes, combined with a better educated workforce, they must find ways to invest in their people as a means of differentiating themselves as an ideal career environment for talented workers and future leaders.

Public Sector Consulting

Public Policy & Economics
In addition to corporate consulting services, we have a strong background in public policy analysis, econometrics, social science research and governmental relations including direct experience working with elected officials and special interest groups.

We are well versed in a broad range of statistical, analytical and predictive modeling methodologies enabling us to deliver sound recommendations based on quantitative and empirical data.  Our team is adept at assemling, normalizing and modeling large datasets to enhance institutional decision making and identify the policy implications that have the greatest significance to stakeholders and constituents.

In addition, many of the private sector industries we serve require an in-depth understanding of federal, state and international regulations which enables our team to remain current with emerging regulatory and legislative changes affecting the public sector as well.
Higher Education & Online Learning
Our principals have more than 30 years of combined classroom teaching experience including undergraduate and graduate level programs.  Holding advanced academic degrees they have successfully developed new courses, spearheaded program accreditations, and led hands-on laboratory and field research.

Leveraging modern technologies, we have supported advancements in pedagogy that extend even beyond traditional Course Management Systems (CMS) to deliver outcome-oriented learning experiences to students while maintaining academic rigor.  
Institutional Funding & Grant Writing
Our principals have led the development of more than $10 Million in awarded institutional grants from organizations that include the National Science Foundation (NSF), the U.S. Department of Education (DOE), and the Fletcher Jones Foundation.

Uniquely experienced in diversity-based programs, our principals have raised funding for programs that are geared toward increasing retention and completion rates among disadvantaged student populations.  We have even developed STEM Bridge programs to support high school students and recent graduates seeking degrees in the STEM-related fields who need extra transitional and academic support to enure their success.

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