Tailored Advisory Services for Companies in Highly Complex, Heavily Regulated Industries

Sirvent & Company provides customized solutions to a broad range of industry sectors. Our leading focus and accomplishments have centered around highly complex, heavily regulated industries characterized by strong barriers to entry. While these challenges are effective at limiting new competition, existing companies need to stay ahead of regulatory, technological and competitive changes by developing innovative solutions for their markets.

Aerospace & Defense

Commercial & General Aviation
Military Aircraft | Defense Systems
Homeland & Cyber Security

Financial Services & Technology

Banking & Insurance
Private Equity / Hedge Funds
Wealth Management


Biological Engineering
Regenerative Medicine


Federal Contract Services
Statutory Contract Services
Municipal Services

Clean Technology

Solar, Wind & Water
Green Buildings

Healthcare Delivery

Physician Practice Groups
Behavioral Healthcare
Senior Living

Engineering & Construction

Engineering & Construction
Environmental Services
Waste Management

Higher Education

Program Accreditation
Grant Development
Institutional Research


Automation Systems
Industrial Manufacturing
Specialty Chemicals

Restaurant & Retail

Franchise Finance
Restaurant Operations
Multi-Unit Expansions

Medical Devices

Advanced Diagnostics
Clinical Data Management
Therapeutic Devices


Information Technology
Software as a Service (SaaS)
Emerging Hardware Technology

Oil & Gas

Exploration & Production
Oilfield Services & Equipment
Enhanced Recovery Technology


Patented Therapeutics
Drug Delivery Systems
Biosimilars / Generics

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